Thursday, March 17, 2011

Our new four legged friend.......

On Monday night we got a new addition to our family, Tarzan!!! He has been my sister-in-laws family dog for a while, but they needed to find him a new home. He kind of has a thing for chickens. He always got out of their yard and attatcked the neighbors chickens. So we said we would take him. I thought it would be good for Roxy to have a friend to play with especially scince there is another little baby coming along to push her more and more aside. So far things have worked out really well. Tarzan and Roxy are adjusting to eachother and love to run and play in the backyard. And for me I love how loud and deep his bark is when someone comes to the door. It would scare any intruder away!!!!

Roxy, Kennley, Tarzan


Mindy and Marty said...

which one is your new one? not the one in the middle obviously! i don't know if i could be a dog owner...i think we talked about this before at's probably so fun for the kiddos though...i may just have to give in.? are you having a boy?

Brent~April~Kennley said...

The big black dog on the right is the new one!!! I was always terrified of dogs growing up, but I have to say I do love the protection!!! Yes I am having a boy!! Excited for one of each!!!

hoLLY said...

oh how exciting!!! what a cutie!

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